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Admissibility Hearing

An Admissibility Hearing applies to foreign nationals or permanent residents of Canada. It is conducted by the Immigration Division (ID). 


A foreign national or permanent resident of Canada considered inadmissible, if the subject of admissibility hearing is believed to have contravened the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act of Canada (IRPA).

A foreign national or a permanent resident is considered inadmissible on the grounds of the following, e.g. If the person: 

  • has failed in some way to comply with Immigration Refugee Protection Act (IRPA)

  • is a security threat to Canada

  • has violated human or international rights

  • is involved in crimes or organized crime

  • misrepresentation, such as claiming a false identity

  • health conditions (danger to public health)

  • is financially unable to support him or herself

  • is accompanying an inadmissible family member

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